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Financial abuse a serious elder law problem

Planning for end-of-life needs is an important part of estate planning that many people in Lake Charles take quite seriously. Living wills and powers of attorney are common tools for this job. While most people do their best to make the most appropriate choices for their powers of attorney, things do not always turn out as they would hope. Friends and family members taking advantage of their powers of attorney privileges is unfortunately not an uncommon problem in elder law.

Importance of powers of attorney in elder law

Those who care for aging loved ones understand that doing so will not always be easy. Although those who take on the responsibility of being a caregiver generally do not do so because they expect it to be a breeze, most can still take steps to make things somewhat easier. Utilizing various aspects of elder law, such as powers of attorney, can help ensure that individuals in Lake Charles are able to provide the best possible care.

Elder law situation following death in another state

Many adult children in Louisiana help their aging parents or other elderly loved ones with various aspects of their long-term care. Elder law attorneys are often asked to step in when legal problems arise regarding estate planning matters or suspected problems involving nursing home abuse. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit concerning the latter.  She alleges that substandard care led to her loved one's death.

When elder law and assisted living issues intersect

Protecting the rights and safety of aging loved ones can be a daunting challenge. Seeking clarification of elder law issues in Louisiana before choosing an assisted living facility may help avoid major problems. Sadly, legal complications often arise after a senior has already moved into an assisted living center, including many situations involving neglect or abuse.  

Need elder law support regarding nursing home abuse incident?

A family in another state is currently navigating the litigation process regarding a situation involving an elderly member of the family who was living in a particular nursing home at the time. The elder law situation pertains to injuries the patient suffered that his family believes were caused by physical abuse. One family member has produced video footage evidence to help substantiate his claim. Louisiana residents with family members in nursing homes may want to follow this case.

Elder law incident leads to arrest of two nursing home workers

When elderly parents of adult children in Louisiana live in nursing homes, it's not uncommon for those children to worry whether their loved ones are receiving proper care from staff members. It's not possible for an adult child to be with his or her parent 24/7, which is often a key factor that necessitates assisted living arrangements to begin with. When elder law problems arise involving substandard care or abuse in nursing homes, it can be very emotionally upsetting for all involved.

Elder law issues often accompany these aging concerns

Many older people in Louisiana consider it a good day if they don't encounter any major challenges regarding their current states of mind or health conditions. Most agree it's not easy growing old, at least in a physical sense. Generally speaking, people live longer nowadays, but the fact is not negated that older bodies do not look or function like their younger counterparts. Some older people enjoy their golden years with little to no problems; others not only face physical challenges, but run into to elder law problems as well.

Clarifying elder law issues for those in Louisiana and beyond

Many Louisiana residents are currently taking care of their aging parents or other elderly loved ones. For some, this includes researching and choosing appropriate assisted-living facilities for family members who can no longer care for themselves at home. Others make regular visits to their parents at home, assisting them in various ways, often including financial, medical and legal matters that may prove all-the-more challenging with age.

Resources available in Lake Charles for elder law issues

People in Lake Charles and other Louisiana locales typically live longer nowadays than they did centuries ago. Along with this newly found longevity, however, come various challenges for which families are often in need of resources. Over time, the practice of elder law has developed, creating a specialized field of representation that helps older people, as well as adult children acting on behalf of elderly parents, explore available options and address any number of issues related to the topic.

Medicaid planning under President Trump: consider the coming changes, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the changes that are most probably coming to the Medicare program under President Trump. As we noted, Trump wants to change funding for Medicaid, specifically by using block grants to give states more freedom, and more responsibility, to decide how to structure their Medicaid programs.

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