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Elder law issues often accompany these aging concerns

Many older people in Louisiana consider it a good day if they don't encounter any major challenges regarding their current states of mind or health conditions. Most agree it's not easy growing old, at least in a physical sense. Generally speaking, people live longer nowadays, but the fact is not negated that older bodies do not look or function like their younger counterparts. Some older people enjoy their golden years with little to no problems; others not only face physical challenges, but run into to elder law problems as well.

Clarifying elder law issues for those in Louisiana and beyond

Many Louisiana residents are currently taking care of their aging parents or other elderly loved ones. For some, this includes researching and choosing appropriate assisted-living facilities for family members who can no longer care for themselves at home. Others make regular visits to their parents at home, assisting them in various ways, often including financial, medical and legal matters that may prove all-the-more challenging with age.

Resources available in Lake Charles for elder law issues

People in Lake Charles and other Louisiana locales typically live longer nowadays than they did centuries ago. Along with this newly found longevity, however, come various challenges for which families are often in need of resources. Over time, the practice of elder law has developed, creating a specialized field of representation that helps older people, as well as adult children acting on behalf of elderly parents, explore available options and address any number of issues related to the topic.

Medicaid planning under President Trump: consider the coming changes, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the changes that are most probably coming to the Medicare program under President Trump. As we noted, Trump wants to change funding for Medicaid, specifically by using block grants to give states more freedom, and more responsibility, to decide how to structure their Medicaid programs.

Medicaid planning under President Trump: considering the coming changes, P.1

Medicaid is an important, even critical, resource for many Americans in paying for long-term care. The program, as readers may know, works jointly with the federal and state governments, assisting those with low income and few assets to pay for some or all of their care.

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