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Reducing Bail And Bond

When someone is arrested in connection with a crime in Louisiana, bail is usually set immediately or during a bail hearing, depending on the severity of the crime. It can be as short as a few hours or up to five days before the hearing is scheduled. If the defendant does not pose an imminent danger to anyone and is not a flight risk, a magistrate judge will set a bail amount based on current charges as well as the defendant’s criminal history.

In most situations, a bond, or partial payment of the full bail amount, will suffice and the arrested party will be released.

Since 1990, the criminal defense lawyers at the law firm of Lorenzi & Barnatt have provided legal advice and aggressive protection to people facing criminal charges throughout southwest Louisiana. Our attorneys have more than three decades of experience representing clients and will fight to reduce or eliminate bail amounts levied during bail hearings.

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Types of Bail

There are three types of bail in Louisiana:

  • Cash bail — posting the full amount of cash to the court, which will be returned when trial is over
  • Bail through surety — posting a smaller amount of cash known as a bond through a contractual agreement between a bail bond company and the accused guaranteeing that he or she will appear at trial or the bail bond company will pay the total amount of the bail to the court
  • Bail without surety — a small amount of cash known as a bond paid to the court that is not returned

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