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Legal Representation For Unpaid Casino Markers And Worthless Check Charges

Every year, thousands of out-of-state residents visit casinos in and around Lake Charles. To ensure patrons are able to place bets, casinos routinely issue markers which are treated as a check or negotiable instrument for a designated amount. In cases where you are issued a casino marker and your luck runs out, you are required to promptly repay the marker amount.

Often, people may not even realize they have an outstanding debt until they receive a notice of dishonor from the casino to honor the check along with a request to repay the amount owed by a certain date. If ignored, the casino will likely take legal action and a warrant for your arrest can be issued for an offense such as issuing a worthless check or bank fraud.

Facing Unpaid Casino Debt? We Can help.

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.P., we understand the dire financial and legal predicament that you and your family face when you learn that you have casino debt or that a warrant has been issued for your arrest after a visit to a casino. It may be tempting to simply ignore the issue and hope the casino will forget about the debt you owe. However, ignoring the letter or warrant is not an effective solution and will likely result in your arrest and extradition to face criminal charges.

If you or a family member receives a letter from a casino demanding repayment for an unpaid marker, it is important to take swift action to learn about your options. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients facing unpaid casino debt and provided the information, advice and options needed to minimize the associated negative consequences.

We can represent you and your best interests and, in certain circumstances, act as an intermediary in communications and negotiations with the casino that holds your debt. Through our efforts, we have been able to work out a repayment plans, allowing the payment of restitution, thereby avoiding prosecution and conviction.

Resolve Your Casino Marker Debt Problems

If you are facing legal action or criminal charges related to issuing a worthless check at a casino, contact our law firm. Casinos and the district attorney aggressively pursue charges relating to unpaid markers and are willing issue a warrant for your arrest, which can result in extradition. Protect your rights and resolve unpaid casino debt issues. Call a lawyer at 337-436-8401 or contact us online today.

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