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Expunging A Criminal Record

Residents of Louisiana who have been charged with or convicted of certain crimes may be able to get the offense cleared off their permanent record through an expungement. This is an important legal issue for people looking for a job, as a criminal record may affect their ability to get hired.

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, we understand the full impact of having a criminal record. Many years — even decades after an individual has been charged with or convicted of a crime — that criminal matter may show up during a background check, during a job application or at another important time. When successful, an expungement can provide peace of mind by removing this information from public view. Contact a lawyer in Lake Charles to find out more about seeking an expungement, and if this is a viable option for you.

The Process Can Be Complex — You Need an Attorney

An expungement is a legal process that can clear or seal dismissed charges, certain criminal charges, certain convictions, certain misdemeanor crimes, deferred adjudication pleas and other information. It is important to understand that an expungement takes time and that the process is often complex. Additionally, not all criminal charges can be expunged and not all expungements are as effective as they may seem.

In general, state and local arrests can be expunged if the charges were rejected, dismissed or the statute of limitations expired. Also, if a court deferred imposition of sentence under Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 893 or 894 and probation has successfully been completed, a judgment of acquittal may be obtained and the prosecution ordered dismissed, following which expungement may be possible.

The Advantages of an Expungement

New laws have changed the effectiveness of an expungement. Talk to a lawyer from our firm to determine if your criminal record can be sealed from public view through an expungement.

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