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Strong Defense Against Sex Crimes Charges

The rule of “innocent until proven guilty” may be true in a court of law, but it is not a rule that neighbors, co-workers and other community members have to abide by outside the courtroom.

Every criminal defendant faces the prejudices and judgment of the local community. People who are accused of sex crimes or domestic violence are often judged the most harshly. This is especially true in sex crimes cases involving accusations of child molestation or child pornography.

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At the Lake Charles law firm of Lorenzi & Barnatt, our experienced attorneys offer a welcoming and reassuring environment to all defendants in all criminal cases. You will not find a judgmental attitude in our office.

Instead, you will find advocates who will welcome you and listen carefully to your story. Our attorneys will then give you straightforward advice about your legal options and fight tooth and nail to protect your rights and minimize the negative consequences that a conviction can carry.

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Criminal Defense of Sexual Assault Charges

We defend clients against all types of misdemeanor and felony sex crimes charges, including rape, possession or distribution of child pornography, indecent exposure, solicitation and sexual abuse of a child.

Besides jail time, one of the most serious consequences of a sex crimes conviction is that convicted sex offenders must register on a publicly accessible database—the sex offenders registry—usually for at least a 10-year period. The convicted person must re-register with every change of address, and every detail about the person and the crime is available to the public: including address, physical description and the type of crime.

Minimize the Impact of an Arrest for Domestic Violence

An arrest for domestic violence will almost always result in both a criminal and civil case against the alleged offender. The criminal charge must be defended against in criminal court. Almost always, the alleged victim of abuse will also request a restraining order, which can remove a person from his home and strictly limit the person’s contact with any children.

Long-Term Impacts of a Domestic Violence Conviction: A domestic violence conviction will result in temporary loss of firearm privileges. If you don’t take care, your next visit to court could be on a federal charge of illegal possession of a weapon. Conviction for that offense carries a mandatory federal prison sentence. Anyone convicted of a domestic violence crime also loses eligibility for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card)—which means loss of any job opportunity at most port side facilities.

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, we help clients with every aspect of sex crime and domestic violence defense. We will defend against the criminal charge, we will defend against the restraining order petition and other criminal and civil penalties.

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