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Defending Against Bank Fraud Charges

We at Lorenzi & Barnatt are a Lake Charles law firm founded in 1990 by an attorney who now has more than 30 years’ active criminal defense experience. Our team of attorneys maintains an active criminal defense practice, with a strong focus on defending clients against charges of bank fraud or other white collar crimes.

Although we are a relatively small law firm, we are well positioned to offer powerful and intelligent defense against charges of financial crimes like embezzlement, mail fraud, bank fraud or violation of immigration laws.

Much of the firm’s practice involves representing clients involved in grand jury investigations. The complexity of many such investigations and the expertise required not only in criminal law but finance, accounting and document control, was the reason Theresa Barnatt joined Tom Lorenzi in practice several years ago. Their combination of experience and skills has benefited many clients by a government decision not to indict, even though others are less fortunate. Our firm is proactive in grand jury investigations, realizing our clients ultimate success is not being indicted and rigorous investigation and preparation are pursued to demonstrate that indictment is neither factually nor legally warranted or appropriate.

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Our Law Firm’s Team Approach Benefits Our Clients

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, we work as a team on our clients’ cases. We each work with our own strengths, which allows us to serve our clients both efficiently and effectively. In the arena of white collar criminal defense, our team consists of a skilled trial lawyer—Tom Lorenzi—and a financially-minded attorney—Theresa Barnatt—who is extremely proficient at analyzing financial documents and digging through digital money trails to find evidence to use in our client’s defense.

Our combination of skills is cost-effective for our clients, because our attorneys don’t have to waste our clients’ time learning skills and subject matter they are unfamiliar with.

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We take our clients’ privacy seriously, as well as our responsibility to mount a high-quality and aggressive defense. To learn more about our attorneys and our firm’s services, schedule a consultation to meet in private with our attorneys.

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