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Addressing Your Elder Law Needs

As baby boomers enter a new phase of life, they are faced with how to care for themselves and for aging family members. It is no longer one particular generation that may need help. The term “elder law” is often used to describe the issues and decisions these multiple generations may be facing. The “elder law” advice sought by baby boomers may not be the same type sought by their parents or grandparents.

At Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.C., we take a comprehensive approach that focuses on the quality of life for your later years, and by extension, the quality of life for your family and loved ones during and after your lifetime.

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Black’s Law Dictionary defines elder law as: “(T)he field of law dealing with the elderly, including such issues as estate planning, retirement benefits, Social Security, age discrimination and health care.” The law firm of Lorenzi & Barnatt, L.L.C., defines the term by the needs of our clients. We are competent, caring and compassionate professionals who work with a variety of tools and techniques to meet the unique goals and objectives of our aging clients. We are aware of the real-life problems, health and otherwise, that people experience as they age.

The legal issues facing the elderly are often complex and interrelated. The values of autonomy, dignity and quality of life apply to all ages, but become particularly important in the face of aging, illness and disability.

Elder law encompasses a long list of practice areas, including:

  • Estate planning and successions
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Medicaid and long-term care planning
  • Medical and health care decisions
  • Disability and special needs planning
  • Powers of attorney
  • Interdictions and mental competency
  • Last wills and testaments

In our firm’s work with the elderly, we bring more to our practice than an expertise in the law. We recognize and empathize with some of the true physical and mental difficulties that often accompany the aging process and we focus on the overall picture of what is best for clients and their families. We represent and assist aging people and individuals with disabilities and their families in connection with a variety of legal issues from estate planning to long-term care and we maintain a primary emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for individuals.

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