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Business owner faces criminal charges

Social media is much more than just a distraction or way to waste time on the internet. Using social media is now an everyday part of people's lives in Lake Charles, and they use it to share pictures, news and details about their personal lives. It can be hard to avoid oversharing with all of this information. However, police claim that one man may have shared a little too much in one of his social media posts, which they then shared with the public after filing criminal charges.

Louisiana man faces felony charge for illegal dumping

A Louisiana man was recently arrested for allegedly violating a number of environmental laws. The owner and operator of a Louisiana-based disposal company is facing a felony charge of dumping solid waste into state waters and two misdemeanors for illegally disposing of solid waste. Authorities also charged him with 12 misdemeanor criminal trespassing counts.

Criminal defense: Man charged for ambulance theft

Police claim that a man in Louisiana recently stole an emergency ambulance. Authorities charged the man for driving without a license and for theft of a motor vehicle, and a judge set his bond at $20,150. Both of these allegations are serious, and a vigorous approach to criminal defense is usually necessary for defendants in Lake Charles.

Criminal defense: Limitations when it comes to search and seizure

Facing the police is an overwhelming and confusing situation for many people in Lake Charles. Despite having very clear protections when interacting with law enforcement officers, many people are unsure of those rights. Some officers take advantage of this uncertainty to push past the legal limitations of searches and seizures. Any violation of search and seizure law is upsetting, but can be helpful when building a criminal defense.

3 face criminal charges for alleged drug possession

Three Louisiana residents were recently arrested for allegedly possessing and selling illegal substances out of their home. All three are facing criminal charges for possessing a Schedule I Controlled Dangerous Substance -- CDS -- with intent to distribute, possessing a Schedule II CDS with intent to distribute and possessing drug paraphernalia. Police say they were executing a search warrant just prior to the arrests.

Criminal defense: Man accused of copy cat ice cream licking video

The hot summer months are the perfect time to enjoy some refreshing ice cream, but police in Louisiana say one man went a little too far. He was apparently trying to recreate a viral video that showed a teenager from another state licking a tub of ice cream and then putting it back on the shelf. He is facing multiple charges, including one for criminal mischief. It is not clear if he has any criminal defense plans yet.

Criminal defense: Woman charged in fatal wreck

A Louisiana woman is facing criminal charges related to a recent fatal accident in which one person was killed. Police recently stated that they are considering bringing additional charges against the driver, although it is not clear what those charges might be. However, a defendant does not have to wait to hear about pending charges before he or she can start working on a criminal defense plan.

Criminal charges filed in Governor's Mansion break in

An alleged break-in at the Governor's Mansion led to the recent arrest of a Louisiana man. He is facing several criminal charges, including criminal trespassing, criminal damage to property and simple burglary. Police also claim that he assaulted two officers while he was being transported to police headquarters.

Criminal defense: 3 arrested for iPhone theft

An alleged theft involving thousands of dollars' worth of iPhones led police in Louisiana to arrest three men. All three men were charged with theft, simple burglary and simple criminal damage, while one of the three is also charged with two counts of fugitive from justice. These are serious criminal charges, and Lake Charles defendants who are in similar situations may want to consider taking a proactive approach to their criminal defense.

9 college students face criminal charges for hazing

Louisiana police recently arrested nine young men for their alleged involvement in fraternity hazing. They each face multiple criminal charges, including misdemeanor criminal hazing and felony battery. The Louisiana State University chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was also closed down.

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