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Estate planning -- should inheritances always be equal?

The assets listed in one's estate plan might not seem like anything more than just things, but each item -- whether tangible or not -- carries a much deeper meaning. By leaving behind specific assets for their children, parents in Lake Charles are also sending a message even if they don't realize it. Without careful estate planning, parents could be setting up their children for resentment and animosity in the future.

Estate planning -- deciding between wills and revocable trusts

How one passes property to heirs is just as important -- if not more -- as deciding which assets to distribute to heirs. There are generally two estate planning documents that people in Lake Charles should consider for inheritances. For some, wills are appropriate for this purpose. Others might benefit more from revocable trusts.

Questions to ask yourself when estate planning

Deciding what goes into an estate plan can be both simple and complicated. For example, creating a list of one's assets in a will might seem easy enough at first, but there are usually extra steps for things like retirement accounts or insurance benefits. Even making sure that a will contains an accurate and complete list of assets can be quite a task. This is why some people in Lake Charles might find it helpful to ask themselves these estate planning questions.

Estate planning -- it's more than wills

Making a plan for the future is important, and creating an estate plan is just one part of that. This is why some people in Lake Charles are proactive when it comes to creating wills. But estate planning can -- and often should -- involve much more. Here are just a few components that can help round out a comprehensive estate plan.

Where trusts fit in estate planning

A will is a very important estate planning document that virtually every adult in Lake Charles should have. But what about trusts? People often think that a will is enough to meet their needs and not give estate planning another thought. Here are some benefits people miss out on when they choose to not use trusts.

Adults of Lake Charles, you should be estate planning

Planning for the end of life or unexpected medical events might not be anyone's idea of fun, but it is still necessary. And while it might not be fun, estate planning does give Lake Charles residents control over their futures even when they cannot actively make decisions. Creating an estate plan is not just for the elderly, either. Virtually every adult at any stage of life can benefit from doing so.

How to use estate planning for charitable giving

There is a lot to think about when crafting an estate plan, such as inheritances, funeral preferences and even medical wishes. But wills and trusts can also be used for much more. Creating a lasting legacy is an important function of estate planning, and gifting money or assets to an organization is an excellent way to do so.

Why unmarried couples need to think about estate planning

Marriage is usually the next natural step for people who are in committed relationships, but it is not for everyone. There are actually many couples who choose to live and build lives with one another in Lake Charles without actually typing the know. While an unmarried couple may have created a successful life together, they might not realize just how difficult some things will be should either die without an estate plan.

How to bring up estate planning during the holidays

The holiday season is the time of year when many families in Lake Charles do their best to get everyone together, even if it means traveling from out of state. From buying gifts to deciding on holiday meals, a lot of planning can go into these gatherings. But families might be missing out on a valuable opportunity to talk about a difficult topic. Although it might feel counterintuitive to talk about end of life affairs in between celebrations, this could actually be a great time to bring up wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning affairs.

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