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After divorce, it's time for estate planning

Going through a divorce is a tremendous life change that can be both emotionally freeing and exhausting. By the time everything is finalized, most Lake Charles divorcees might not feel like so much as looking at another piece of paperwork for years if not decades to come. However, despite these feelings, it is still important to attend to estate planning after major life changes.

Estate planning reviews for the new year

Many people like to spend time during the first month of the year reflecting on what is most important to them. Fresh out of the holiday season, some Lake Charles residents might realize that they need to spend more time with their family or focus on organization. This period of reflection is an excellent time to revisit estate planning.

You should be thinking about elder law sooner rather than later

Thinking about aging, future medical needs and death is understandably uncomfortable for most people. No one really wants to imagine a day where they have less autonomy over their life, but avoiding the topic will not stop it from becoming a reality. Lake Charles residents who carefully plan for estate law issues may be better prepared to fully enjoy their later years. 

Estate planning steps to consider for the new year

The start of a new year brings the opportunity for Louisiana readers to make resolutions and start new, positive habits. Many people want to lose weight or get more organized, but one practical and smart resolution is to carefully review all estate planning documents and add additional protections. Many people don't have all of the documents and estate planning tools they truly need.

It is probably time for an estate planning update

Most people in Lake Charles understand the importance of creating an estate plan. Perhaps less well understood is the importance of updating that plan. When people do not revisit the estate planning process to make necessary changes, their wills, trusts and other important documents might not be as effective as originally expected. Here a few reasons why it might be time to update an estate plan.

What estate planning steps should one take after a divorce?

A will is usually a good representation of a person's life at the time it was created. However, life is not static, so what may have been an appropriate estate planning choice a year ago might not longer be the case. Those living in Lake Charles should be certain to revise their estate plans after major life events, such as divorce. Divorce can be an emotionally taxing process, and some people may not feel like dealing with anything else either during or after the process, but failing to do so could cost people in the long run.

Why you should be thinking about heirlooms in estate planning?

When deciding what assets to leave heirs, some property can be relatively straightforward. Things like insurance benefits, cash, bonds and stocks all have a concrete value that can be measured and distributed accordingly to a person's preference. But what about property that is not so easy to address? When dealing with things like art, jewelry or heirloom items, people in Lake Charles may want to take extra care during estate planning.

Own cryptocurrency? You need to include it in estate planning

Tech-savvy people in Lake Charles may have already included most of their digital assets in their estate plan. Things like social media log-in information, access to cloud storage, digital financial information and more should all be listed in a person's will, but many people still overlook a huge digital asset -- cryptocurrency. While this type digital asset is usually prized for its privacy and anonymity, going so far as to leave it out of estate planning can be a mistake.  

Continuing charitable giving through estate planning

Many people in Lake Charles choose to support various charities throughout their lifetime. That drive to help often translates into a desire to leave a lasting legacy. By building charitable giving directly into the estate planning process, individuals can continue providing valuable support to the charity of their choice. 

Can estate planning prevent fights after my death?

An estate plan is supposed to make things easier for family members dealing with a loved one's death. Well-crafted wills and carefully planned trusts can do just that, but some people fail to take the careful approach that will yield these kinds of results. Lake Charles residents can minimize the chance of in-family fighting by approaching estate planning with an objective and cautious eye to detail. 

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