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Drunk driving charges: One way to ruin a weekend

If you get together with your friends on a Saturday night and enjoy a drink or two that happen to contain alcohol, it's not necessarily illegal if you drive home afterward. Whether you're breaking Louisiana law depends on several factors -- one of which is how much alcohol is in your bloodstream when you get behind the wheel. The most obvious way to avoid drunk driving problems in a situation like that would be to completely abstain from alcohol if you plan on driving a car.

Has a drunk driving charge brought your summer fun to a halt?

Many people in Louisiana, no doubt including some in Lake Charles, are winding down their summers, getting ready once again for college or another year of work before the next vacation. It's not uncommon to try to squeeze in as much socializing as possible before the season of rest and relaxation ends and autumn arrives. It's also not uncommon for socializing to include alcohol, which, in certain situations, can bring seasonal fun to an abrupt end if someone gets pulled over for suspected drunk driving on his or her way home.

Man charged with drunk driving after hitting police officer's car

On a recent Monday in Louisiana, an unfortunate incident took place that resulted in one man facing criminal charges. The 29-year-old was accused of drunk driving after his vehicle was reportedly involved in an accident. A police officer was also involved in the incident, and was taken to a nearby hospital after suffering injuries.

Drunk driving charges not sealed in stone

Lake Charles residents who have been pulled over by police understand how unnerving such incidents can be. It's true that life is often uncertain, and an uneventful day can quickly turn into a very serious, stressful situation when least expected. For instance, a Louisiana police offer may claim that your car was veering over the yellow line on the road; the next thing you know, you're in handcuffs and charged with drunk driving.

Charges may upgrade in this alleged drunk driving situation

Some drivers in Louisiana are under certain restrictions. For instance, motorists may be required to wear correct lenses when they get behind the wheel. Others are allowed to drive, but only once interlock devices have been installed in their vehicles. This was the case for one young woman, who has since been accused of tampering with the device and causing a drunk driving accident.

Don't let drunk driving charges drive your future into a ditch

Every state, including Louisiana, has specific traffic laws that govern what motorists may and may not do behind the wheel. Some situations can also result in criminal charges (rather than traffic violations), such as when a police officer suspects a person of drunk driving. A traffic stop can quickly go from being a relatively minor problem that is easily rectified to something much more serious. In fact, your entire future may be at stake if you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Lake Charles, especially if the situation is connected to a motor vehicle accident where another person was injured or killed.

Police say they think accident was caused by drunk driving

Lake Charles roadways are often scenes of motor vehicle collisions. A recent one occurred in the wee hours of a Saturday morning in another Louisiana region that authorities claim may have been a drunk driving incident. Sadly, the accident resulted in a fatality.

Louisiana trooper arrests another cop for drunk driving

When not on duty and driving their own personal vehicles, Lake Charles law enforcement officers (and all others) are bound by the same traffic laws as other Louisiana motorists. They required to wear seat belts, stop at traffic lights and obey all laws regarding alcohol consumption and operation of motor vehicles just like everyone else. Also like everyone else, police officers can make mistakes, exhibit lapses of judgment and even get arrested for drunk driving.

Overcoming the challenges of drunk driving charges

In Lake Charles and other Louisiana regions, it's not uncommon for police to make traffic stops on suspicion of alcohol-related situations. Although drunk driving remains problematic in many areas, not every person charged with this crime is guilty. Police are obviously capable of making mistakes, just like everyone else.

Increasing the chances of avoiding a drunk driving conviction

Anyone who has ever looked in a rear view mirror while driving in Lake Charles to see flashing red and blue lights on a police car knows what a stressful experience it can be. Hearing sirens, trying to pull safely off the road and worrying whether an officer is about to write out a ticket can cause fear and anxiety, to be sure. If a police officer mentions the words "drunk driving," stress levels may soar.

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