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Financial abuse a serious elder law problem

Planning for end-of-life needs is an important part of estate planning that many people in Lake Charles take quite seriously. Living wills and powers of attorney are common tools for this job. While most people do their best to make the most appropriate choices for their powers of attorney, things do not always turn out as they would hope. Friends and family members taking advantage of their powers of attorney privileges is unfortunately not an uncommon problem in elder law.

Criminal charges filed in Governor's Mansion break in

An alleged break-in at the Governor's Mansion led to the recent arrest of a Louisiana man. He is facing several criminal charges, including criminal trespassing, criminal damage to property and simple burglary. Police also claim that he assaulted two officers while he was being transported to police headquarters.

How does life insurance factor into your estate planning?

Life insurance can play an important role in planning for the future. This is why many people in Lake Charles choose to include life insurance in their estate planning process, but which type is best? Not everyone understands that there are different types of life insurance, each with their own pros and cons that should be carefully considered before moving forward.

Criminal defense: 3 arrested for iPhone theft

An alleged theft involving thousands of dollars' worth of iPhones led police in Louisiana to arrest three men. All three men were charged with theft, simple burglary and simple criminal damage, while one of the three is also charged with two counts of fugitive from justice. These are serious criminal charges, and Lake Charles defendants who are in similar situations may want to consider taking a proactive approach to their criminal defense.

Can you trust the machine that measures your BAC?

Your recent arrest for driving while intoxicated may have been a startling wakeup call. Perhaps you are in the habit of driving home after having a beer or two, and you never thought you were legally impaired. Nonetheless, the results of your breath test showed your blood alcohol concentration to be .08, which, according to Louisiana's per se laws, is all that is necessary for authorities to presume you are impaired.

Can I use estate planning to provide for my special needs child?

Leaving behind an inheritance is usually an important aspect of creating an estate plan. For parents with children who have special needs, the focus might shift away from an inheritance and toward finding a way to provide long-lasting financial support. Most Lake Charles parents can accomplish this through a careful approach to estate planning.

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