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Louisiana fisherman likely thinking about criminal defense

Shrimpers in Louisiana are legally obligated to adhere to certain regulations regarding their vessels, nets, etc. when heading out on waterways to fish. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries often conducts routine inspections to make sure boaters are following the rules. Such an inspection didn't go so well for one man recently, who is now facing serious drug charges and likely searching for criminal defense support.

Criminal defense problems can arise in a snap

The saying that one thing leads to another couldn't have been truer for two men in Louisiana on a recent Sunday. They were on a boat in Terrebonne Parish when authorities confronted them regarding some red snapping turtles that authorities say trying to sell. There are strict regulations about such things, and not only do officials say the two men did not adhere to the rules, they've also accused them of drug crimes as well.

Is a life estate right for you?

As they grow older, many people begin to worry about the possibility of their health declining and how that may affect their finances. You may be among those with concerns about your future. Nursing home care can be expensive and threaten to wipe out the estates of those who don't take precautions to protect their assets. In fact, it is possible that, if you move to a nursing care facility, you may have to sell your home to qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Legal guardianship can be incorporated into estate planning goals

Whether a person was recently married in Lake Charles or has already celebrated several anniversaries and is fully engaged in Louisiana family life, thoughts of the future and how to protect assets and provide for loved ones has likely entered his or her mind from time to time. The estate planning process is a means to this end and can be customized to meet individual needs and goals for the future. Parents are often particularly concerned about who will raise their children if something happens that renders them incapable.

Drunk driving charges not sealed in stone

Lake Charles residents who have been pulled over by police understand how unnerving such incidents can be. It's true that life is often uncertain, and an uneventful day can quickly turn into a very serious, stressful situation when least expected. For instance, a Louisiana police offer may claim that your car was veering over the yellow line on the road; the next thing you know, you're in handcuffs and charged with drunk driving.

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