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Criminal defense assistance may be sought even without charges

When a Louisiana resident becomes aware that he or she is suspected of illegal activity and is the subject of a police investigation, it is typically a good time to seek legal support. A criminal defense attorney can be contacted long before any charges are filed. This may be what three people who were apprehended in a recent drug raid may decide to do as all were arrested but do not yet face formal criminal charges.

The dangers of generosity without a plan

As you grow older, you may hear more often of the importance of creating an estate plan. The many benefits of estate planning include making your wishes known and leaving a nice gift for your loved ones. You may have seen news stories about people who failed to write a will, and their heirs were left to fight and scrap over their inheritances.

Man slated to face drunk driving charges in the new year

Louisiana roadways, like most others in the United States, are sometimes scenes of serious automobile collisions. It is not always immediately apparent after an accident what or who may have caused it to occur. In fact, it often takes investigators weeks or months to reach definite conclusions regarding such matters. One situation unfolded in October that led to drunk driving accusations against one man in particular.

Will those arrested present strong enough criminal defense?

When Louisiana police arrest someone and the process leads to formal criminal charges, the following weeks and months may be filled with court appointments and meetings with lawyers. A key factor to avoiding conviction often lies in the type of criminal defense presented in court. With regard to a recent situation where nine people were arrested at a trailer park, it remains to be seen whether some or all will successfully avoid conviction.

Your child and "Blackout Wednesday"

It's hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. It seems like only days ago that your child left for school, and now you're making plans for Thanksgiving break. You are undoubtedly looking forward to the time with your child and perhaps meeting the new friends that they are bringing home.

Estate planning not just for the rich and famous

Everybody is going to die sooner or later. Unfortunately, only some have taken steps to address estate planning. Some have every intention on doing so, but procrastinate for one reason or other. Others want very much to develop a plan but aren't sure what to do or where to turn for help.

Man's criminal defense situation exacerbated by alleged escape

A string of incidents occurred recently in Louisiana that landed at least eight people behind bars. One of those arrested seems to have made his own criminal defense situation worse by allegedly trying to run away from police before and after he had already been apprehended. The first time, police reportedly caught up to the man with the help of K-9 units. The residence that was the central focus of the investigation is said to belong to the man's father.

You can use estate planning to direct your medical care

Do you feel strongly one way or the other about certain types of extraneous medical care regarding life or death situations? In such circumstances, Louisiana first responders, doctors, nurses, etc., will administer any and all care available and necessary to your survival. However, if there are certain types of medical treatment you do not wish to undergo, you may not be able to make your wishes known if you are incapacitated; that's why it's typically best to put your instructions in writing ahead of time, through careful estate planning.

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