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Are you eligible for expungement?

Many people in Louisiana, as well as throughout the nation, have experienced various challenges regarding seeking gainful employment, renting homes and other basic life changes after having been charged with a crime but not convicted, or after a conviction and serving time in prison. Employers often check your criminal background when you apply for positions in their companies.

Estate planning as part of travel plans

When married couples in Lake Charles take vacations, they often spend several weeks ahead of time making plans, packing and securing various arrangements for child care, home protection and other important matters. Most would agree that traveling is much more fun when one can do it with peace of mind. For some in Louisiana, pre-travel plans might include estate planning.

Text plus wrong number equals criminal defense problem

Many residents in Lake Charles are like others throughout Louisiana and the nation who enjoy reading humorous memes on various social network sites. Some of the funniest feature screen shots of mistyped text messages, which at times have proved quite embarrassing for senders, recipients or both. Not as common, but perhaps more worrisome, are misdirected texts; in fact, one such situation recently led to a man's sudden need for criminal defense assistance.

Thorough estate planning apparently part of George Michael's life

Fans in Lake Charles and throughout the world continue to mourn the unexpected Christmas Day passing of pop music icon George Michael. The former 80's heartthrob sold over 100 million records during his career and millions have come forward to express sorrow over his recent death. Speculation has emerged over who will inherit the former singer's mass fortune. New information suggests he was very thorough in his estate planning process.

Increasing the chances of avoiding a drunk driving conviction

Anyone who has ever looked in a rear view mirror while driving in Lake Charles to see flashing red and blue lights on a police car knows what a stressful experience it can be. Hearing sirens, trying to pull safely off the road and worrying whether an officer is about to write out a ticket can cause fear and anxiety, to be sure. If a police officer mentions the words "drunk driving," stress levels may soar.

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