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Estate planning problems reportedly resolved among Feil siblings

In 2006, Gertrude Feil died, leaving her children an inheritance reportedly worth billions. The problem is the siblings disagreed over several estate planning issues, such as which one of them should be in charge, as well as how profits from multiple real estate properties they inherited should be divided as time goes on. When family disagreements like this arise after an estate owner dies in Lake Charles or elsewhere in Louisiana, achieving amicable solutions can be quite challenging.

Correct calibration essential to accurate Breathalyzer results

Things begin to get a bit festive this time of year in Louisiana. Colleges are winding down their semesters with finals, and students are beginning to filter out the doors, back to their respective home states and onto summer vacations. Weather is typically warming up, which naturally draws many more people outdoors than in colder months. Tourists are often traveling to and through the state, and local schools are hosting proms and graduations that create heavy traffic patterns and other potential driving issues.

Louisiana woman will need strong criminal defense

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry spoke about elder care after a recent incident involving a Social Services director. The woman is accused of stealing substantial amounts of money from residents of a retirement home where she worked. The attorney general said the state works very hard to protect its elderly citizens and the infirm, and it is disappointing to think someone might take advantage of them in a financial fraud scheme.

Estate planning documents vary, but here are the top 4

Executing a plan for protecting your assets and providing for your loved ones' future is a process that is highly customizable. Estate planning is a topic many Lake Charles residents avoid, while others understand its many benefits and begin as early as possible to prepare their own plans. Doing so often includes seeking guidance from experienced probate and administration attorneys.

Exploring criminal defense options in Lake Charles

Residents in Lake Charles or other Louisiana areas who find themselves facing legal problems are often left feeling worried and unsure where to turn for help. Although winding up in a situation that requires aggressive criminal defense does not necessarily mean one has committed a crime, carefully exploring all available options and acting alongside experienced guidance in choosing how best to proceed in court is often key toward obtaining a positive outcome. Whether you've been accused of drunk driving, drug possession or another criminal offense, half the battle is knowing how to connect with appropriate sources of help.

Nike's "Just Do It" slogan relates to estate planning

Lake Charles farmers may be among many other business owners in the nation who believe succession plans are crucial toward their families' well-beings. However, for whatever reasons, many are hesitant to consider estate planning as a most viable tool in developing a secure plan. Procrastination often gets the best of many Louisiana farmers, and some say it's all about simply making up one's mind to do something, then doing it.

District attorney fighting hard in drunk driving case

A particular district attorney in Louisiana is fighting hard against a woman involved in a current court case. She's accused of drunk driving and was released from jail after posting a $126,000 bond. This option is often part of the adjudication process in Lake Charles and throughout the state, and those set with bonds are free to go when they fulfill payment.

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