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Yes, estate planning is important -- here's why

Thinking about end-of-life matters is not exactly enjoyable, and many Lake Charles residents avoid this uncomfortable topic altogether. This can be devastating for not only a person's estate, but also for the family who is left behind without any clear guidance on their loved one's wishes. Avoiding estate planning can also cause taxes and fees to eat up assets that might have otherwise been distributed to heirs.

Don't rush into choosing an executor or trustee

Have you decided to put together an estate plan? Congratulations! The peace of mind you will get from knowing that your family will be taken care of in your absence can't be matched. After spending your life providing for them, you may sleep better at night knowing that care will continue after you pass away.

Elder law situation following death in another state

Many adult children in Louisiana help their aging parents or other elderly loved ones with various aspects of their long-term care. Elder law attorneys are often asked to step in when legal problems arise regarding estate planning matters or suspected problems involving nursing home abuse. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit concerning the latter.  She alleges that substandard care led to her loved one's death.

Don't underestimate negative consequences of drunk driving arrest

You may think that getting pulled over and charged with DUI in Louisiana may not be so big a deal if you only had a couple drinks and are certain you weren't stumbling all over the place or slurring your speech. The problem is that situations like this may appear to be cut and dried and, for the most part, easily resolvable. However, if the arresting officer says you performed poorly on a field sobriety test or chemical test results don't turn out in your favor, not only might you face a serious legal challenge, your freedom may be at risk if the court hands down a conviction.  

Louisiana woman likely weighing criminal defense options

Many medical professionals and scientists say synthetic cannabinoids, sometimes referred to as "fake marijuana," are more dangerous than natural marijuana. This drug is derived from manufactured chemicals and is often smoked when sprayed on shredded plant materials or used in the form of oils that are placed in electronic smoking devices. A Louisiana woman is now in need of a strong criminal defense after police claim they found synthetic marijuana and other narcotics in her home.  

Things to know regarding cryptocurrency and estate planning

Advanced technology has brought convenience to many Louisiana residents and others through online banking and other forms of currency transfer. Such convenience has prompted an estate planning concern, however, especially in situations involving cryptocurrencies. Those who have assets in cryptocurrency accounts will want to protect their loved ones' interests by including encrypted information in their estate plans.  

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