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Driver faces criminal charges re 2018 hit-and-run wreck

A man who allegedly fled the scene of an accident was recently apprehended by Louisiana police. Facing multiple criminal charges -- including careless operation and hit and run -- he is apparently still in police custody. Authorities also charged him with drug-related crimes.

After divorce, it's time for estate planning

Going through a divorce is a tremendous life change that can be both emotionally freeing and exhausting. By the time everything is finalized, most Lake Charles divorcees might not feel like so much as looking at another piece of paperwork for years if not decades to come. However, despite these feelings, it is still important to attend to estate planning after major life changes.

Estate planning reviews for the new year

Many people like to spend time during the first month of the year reflecting on what is most important to them. Fresh out of the holiday season, some Lake Charles residents might realize that they need to spend more time with their family or focus on organization. This period of reflection is an excellent time to revisit estate planning.

Lake Charles police make drunk driving arrest

Criminal allegations of driving while impaired are already serious enough as is, but certain situations might elevate criminal charges. A Louisiana man is currently facing charges his third offense of drunk driving with child endangerment alongside several other charges. In these types of situations, crafting a solid criminal defense strategy can be essential to securing the best possible outcome.

You should be thinking about elder law sooner rather than later

Thinking about aging, future medical needs and death is understandably uncomfortable for most people. No one really wants to imagine a day where they have less autonomy over their life, but avoiding the topic will not stop it from becoming a reality. Lake Charles residents who carefully plan for estate law issues may be better prepared to fully enjoy their later years. 

Louisiana man facing drunk driving charges after hit-and-run

Police in Louisiana believe that a man might have been under the influence of alcohol when he hit and struck a man out riding a bicycle. The bicyclist was killed in the collision. Authorities have since arrested the driver thought to be responsible for the accident.

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