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Man faces first offense drunk driving charge despite past charges

When a person has already been convicted of a drunk driving offense, they can generally expect to face steeper criminal consequences the second, third or even fourth time around. These drunk driving offenses usually involve higher fines and longer jail time. However, in some cases, a person might not have to face certain DUI offenses even if they have past arrests or convictions.

Estate planning around family matters

While creating an estate plan might be hard, there is one aspect of the process that many people in Lake Charles think will come easy. Deciding who gets what is an instrumental aspect of estate planning, and perhaps the part that most people are familiar with. Unfortunately, figuring out how to pass on inheritances to heirs is rarely as easy as it seems. This is especially true for people who have unique family dynamics.

Bill seeks to increase consequences for drunk driving charges

Drivers arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated already face significant criminal consequences. Even those who are never convicted can end up losing their licenses and face other consequences in their personal lives. Despite the already steep outcomes that most people accused of drunk driving deal with, Louisiana lawmakers are trying to make things even more difficult.

Remaining silent may be your best option

When a Louisiana police officer suspects you of having committed a crime, he or she may begin to ask you questions. Typically, these questions take place as the officer tries to gain more information about the situation in efforts to determine whether to take you into custody. Some of these questions may seem harmless or unrelated to the event, but officers are always looking for evidence in any question.

Do you still believe in these estate planning myths?

Thinking about what will happen later in life or after death is uncomfortable for most people. Dealing with emotionally uncomfortable things is not easy, and some people in Lake Charles may feel better by avoiding the subject altogether. However, this is not helpful, and skipping out on estate planning can even help fuel myths about the process.

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