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What type of criminal defense works best to fight drug charges?

It's logical to assume that one of the last ways most Louisiana residents want to start their new year is by facing serious drug charges in court. Even if one is able to avoid conviction, merely being charged with a drug crime can cause great harm to a person's reputation and standing in a community. There are at least four people (and likely many more) who clearly understand this as they prepare to defend themselves regarding their recent arrests.

Key factors to successful criminal defense

Facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Louisiana is definitely no small matter. Especially if it is not the first time you've been arrested and charged with a crime in this state, the outcome of your situation may impact the rest of your life. Depending on the circumstances, avoiding conviction and minimizing long-term consequences of a particular incident may be quite challenging. Successful outcomes often hinge on aggressive criminal defense.

Estate administration mistakes could cause complications

Though the passing of your loved one has likely had a considerable impact on your life, you may still feel his or her presence for some time. In fact, as the executor of the estate, you may need to act directly on behalf of the decedent in order to ensure that his or her final wishes are carried out properly. Though this task can prove trying, you may feel that it could bring you a greater sense of emotional closure as you go through the process of closing the estate.

Bourbon Street visit leads to need for criminal defense

Louisiana is a high traffic tourist area, especially during Mardi Gras and New Years. Not all visits to the area go smoothly, however. This appears evident in the case of one man who wound up needing a criminal defense after managers of a particular business asked him to vacate the premises, but he supposedly refused and wound up being searched and charged with drug crimes.

Estate planning review good habit for a new year

Many Louisiana residents have certain routines they follow when it comes to home maintenance and/or financial planning. For instance, it's not uncommon for people to mark dates on their calendars when they plan to wash all the windows in their homes or undertake other major, annual cleaning projects. Rotating tires on vehicles is another task that it often finds it way onto people's annual to-do lists. What about estate planning, however?

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