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Civilian complaint led to need for criminal defense in Louisiana

An unidentified person is said to have called in a complaint to Louisiana police regarding suspected illegal drug activity in a particular parish. The situation unfolded into a narcotics investigation and subsequent need for criminal defense for several people. Each of those arrested is guaranteed the right to an attorney and the opportunity to present a meaningful defense.

Signs that you need an estate plan beyond a will

The arrival of children into a family is one event that may trigger the thought of planning for the future. You may feel concern for their well-being if anything should happen to you, and this may prompt you to look into options such as writing a will or even creating a more elaborate estate plan.

Louisiana residents can customize the estate planning process

One certainty about life is that change is inevitable. While many Louisiana residents may be creatures of habit, perhaps hoping their lives will stay as much the same as possible for years to come, others thrive on adventure and also on change. When it comes to estate planning, the idea of change causes some people to hesitate when considering their plans because they mistakenly believe that once an estate plan is filed, it is permanent.

Need elder law support regarding nursing home abuse incident?

A family in another state is currently navigating the litigation process regarding a situation involving an elderly member of the family who was living in a particular nursing home at the time. The elder law situation pertains to injuries the patient suffered that his family believes were caused by physical abuse. One family member has produced video footage evidence to help substantiate his claim. Louisiana residents with family members in nursing homes may want to follow this case.

Drunk driving in Louisiana meets new Facebook campaign

Police in one Louisiana town are trying a new approach to discourage impaired driving. In addition to jail time and fines, people arrested for drunk driving may now face a new consequence: Facebook shame. Police reportedly hope to discourage potential offenders by announcing DWI arrests on the social media platform each week.

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