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Provide for a disabled loved one and protect access to programs

Loved ones with special needs often are lucky enough to have loving parents and other family members who want nothing but the best for them. During childhood and into adulthood these individuals often participate in programs funded by Medicaid and receive Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Estate planning tips for new parents in Lake Charles

Many people in Louisiana will welcome new babies during the coming year. Such events are typically joyous and exciting. However, many Lake Charles parents may want to approach their expanding family situations from practical perspectives as well. Careful estate planning may be part of that process.

Financial impact of drunk driving charges in Louisiana

The 2016 holiday season is underway, and many people are making plans to attend social gatherings with co-workers, friends and family. Often, such festivities include alcohol. Anyone in Lake Charles or other Louisiana regions who consumes alcohol before driving a car will want to be aware of the potential repercussions of such a choice, including increased chances of motor vehicle collisions and drunk driving charges.

Medicaid planning under President Trump: consider the coming changes, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the changes that are most probably coming to the Medicare program under President Trump. As we noted, Trump wants to change funding for Medicaid, specifically by using block grants to give states more freedom, and more responsibility, to decide how to structure their Medicaid programs.

Medicaid planning under President Trump: considering the coming changes, P.1

Medicaid is an important, even critical, resource for many Americans in paying for long-term care. The program, as readers may know, works jointly with the federal and state governments, assisting those with low income and few assets to pay for some or all of their care.

Louisiana drunk driving penalties among toughest in U.S.

Every season has its reasons to celebrate, whether it's a holiday or the home team playing a must-win game. When you gather with others to enjoy laughter and good food, you create fond memories together. For many people, celebration includes sharing alcoholic beverages with friends and family. However, if after having a few drinks, you got behind the wheel and drove home, you may have created a memory you would rather forget.

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