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Criminal defense: Louisiana woman accused of lighting wig on fire

Louisiana police recently arrested a woman after she allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with another person. She is facing a slew of charges, including simple arson, aggravated assault and fistic encounter. When a person in Lake Charles is arrested on similar charges, early and careful attention to criminal defense planning can help minimize the impact of such allegations.

What estate planning steps should one take after a divorce?

A will is usually a good representation of a person's life at the time it was created. However, life is not static, so what may have been an appropriate estate planning choice a year ago might not longer be the case. Those living in Lake Charles should be certain to revise their estate plans after major life events, such as divorce. Divorce can be an emotionally taxing process, and some people may not feel like dealing with anything else either during or after the process, but failing to do so could cost people in the long run.

Criminal defense: Assistant principal arrested for DUI

In what likely came as a troubling twist to parents and employees at a Louisiana school, an administrator was arrested for drunk driving during the school's alcohol awareness week. Accused of being nearly three-times the legal .08 percent for driving, the assistant principal was actually arrested after arriving at the school where she works. It is unclear if she has any criminal defense plans as of yet, but many defendants in these types of situations choose to take an early approach to the matter.

Drive sober this Thanksgiving

When your family gathers for Thanksgiving, you probably have some traditions to which you look forward. Maybe you enjoy certain foods, spend time with old friends or participate in a family activity, and those are the things that make the holiday special for you.

Why you should be thinking about heirlooms in estate planning?

When deciding what assets to leave heirs, some property can be relatively straightforward. Things like insurance benefits, cash, bonds and stocks all have a concrete value that can be measured and distributed accordingly to a person's preference. But what about property that is not so easy to address? When dealing with things like art, jewelry or heirloom items, people in Lake Charles may want to take extra care during estate planning.

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