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Traffic stop leaves 1 facing drunk driving charges in Louisiana

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be a stressful and harrowing experience under any circumstance. Upon encountering a similar scenario, the average person may also lack the necessary legal experience to know how best to handle the situation. A 32-year-old man is reportedly facing multiple charges after he was accused of drunk driving during a recent traffic stop in Louisiana.

Digital estate planning can be hard, but not impossible

Louisiana consumers might not think much about purchasing e-books, digital movies or songs from the internet. Digital technology and property is just another aspect of modern living. But how should people include favorite movies and books in their wills when that property is stored digitally? This estate planning task is harder than most people might think.

Criminal defense: Limitations when it comes to search and seizure

Facing the police is an overwhelming and confusing situation for many people in Lake Charles. Despite having very clear protections when interacting with law enforcement officers, many people are unsure of those rights. Some officers take advantage of this uncertainty to push past the legal limitations of searches and seizures. Any violation of search and seizure law is upsetting, but can be helpful when building a criminal defense.

What are you asking a loved one to do as an executor?

Perhaps you thought that figuring out who will receive what as an inheritance was the hardest part of creating a will. Then, you needed to choose someone to serve as its executor. A name or two may have popped into your head, but before you just put a name in the document, you may want to consider what it is that you ask of that person.

Driver charged in alleged drunk driving accident

A Louisiana man is facing serious charges related to a fatal bicycle accident. Accused of drunk driving, he is also charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular injury, vehicular negligent injuring and hit-and-run driving. Police believe that his blood-alcohol content was above the legal limit at the time of the accident.

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