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Have accusations of domestic violence left you needing a defense?

You certainly know that domestic violence can seriously harm a person both physically and mentally. Because of the severity of such a situation, you may feel caught off guard if someone accuses you of such a criminal act. Though you may know that you did not participate in violent behavior, you could still find yourself facing serious charges.

Drunk driving charges can ruin a job, finances and more

People make mistakes and that includes those who drive after consuming alcohol. Even if one is able to avoid conviction, simply being charged with such a Louisiana crime can negatively affect one's life. If police file charges, it means the near future will be filled with court appointments, which may necessitate time off work and other inconveniences.

Thorough estate planning may help avoid disputes like this one

Many Hollywood entertainment fans in Louisiana were shocked and saddened when former television star Alan Thicke suddenly collapsed while playing ice hockey and died from a ruptured aorta. Since his death, his sons and his third wife have been fighting over his estate. The situation may prompt some readers to be very specific and thorough when navigating the estate planning process if they hope to help their families avoid similar problems.

Drunk driving charges: One way to ruin a weekend

If you get together with your friends on a Saturday night and enjoy a drink or two that happen to contain alcohol, it's not necessarily illegal if you drive home afterward. Whether you're breaking Louisiana law depends on several factors -- one of which is how much alcohol is in your bloodstream when you get behind the wheel. The most obvious way to avoid drunk driving problems in a situation like that would be to completely abstain from alcohol if you plan on driving a car.

Parents of two minors will be making criminal defense decisions

Two children, ages five and 10, were reportedly at home when police officers came knocking at their door. The purpose of the impromptu visit was a premises search. The Louisiana officers who arrived were part of a special drug task force. The incident not only changed the rest of that particular day for the two siblings, it may have changed the rest of their entire lives as well.

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