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Criminal defense: former police officer charged for drug crimes

A former Louisiana police corporal is accused of being involved with the distribution of an illegal substance during off-duty hours. Following a brief investigation, he was arrested by police in his area, as well as Lake Charles authorities, and charged with multiple drug-related offenses. Since a judge set his bond at $257,000, he might choose to use his time in police custody to explore his options for a strong criminal defense.

College students: You need to be thinking about estate planning

College is one of the first steps into adulthood for many young people in Lake Charles. From living by oneself to navigating things like grocery shopping and laundry, college students may feel like they already have enough on their plates. However, these young adults often overlook one of the most important things that an adult can do -- create an estate plan. Estate planning might seem like something that only older adults need to worry about, but virtually everyone can benefit from creating three essential documents.

Police file criminal charges against Lake Charles father

Today's parents are usually under much more scrutiny than parents who were raising their kids in past decades. Many Louisiana parents worry about how their actions will be perceived on social media and other areas of the internet. In some cases, a parent's actions might even lead to criminal charges.

Ways you can strengthen an existing estate plan

Making plans for the future can be complicated and overwhelming, which is why people often skip over this important step. If you have an estate plan, you may feel confident about your future interests, but there may be more you could do. Even if you feel good about the plans you have in place, you may benefit from making certain improvements to what you already have.

Why estate planning is for everyone

Every person in Lake Charles feels differently about his or her possessions and assets. Some people may have several items that hold significant personal or financial value that they wish to pass on to specific heirs. Others might not care so much about what happens to their belongings after they are gone. However, those who think that estate planning does not have much to offer may want to consider some of the following.

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