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3 factors that could lead to aggravated DUI charges

As you know, if you have drunk driving charges brought against you and convictions for those charges take place, you could face serious repercussions. Your life could endure effects on various levels from criminal to personal to professional. Even with relatively minor DUI charges, the consequences could leave you needing to rebuild certain areas of your life.

Charges may upgrade in this alleged drunk driving situation

Some drivers in Louisiana are under certain restrictions. For instance, motorists may be required to wear correct lenses when they get behind the wheel. Others are allowed to drive, but only once interlock devices have been installed in their vehicles. This was the case for one young woman, who has since been accused of tampering with the device and causing a drunk driving accident.

Many adult children unhappy with their parents' estate planning

In Lake Charles and other areas of Louisiana, a surprising number of people (as appears to be the case throughout the nation) fail to protect their assets and secure financial stability for their loved ones in the event of their own deaths. Dying with no will in place can cause an avalanche of problems for adult children and other family members. Beyond the fact that many Americans simply pay no mind to estate planning, those who do often leave behind loved ones who are quite unhappy with how they chose to distribute their assets.

Don't let drunk driving charges drive your future into a ditch

Every state, including Louisiana, has specific traffic laws that govern what motorists may and may not do behind the wheel. Some situations can also result in criminal charges (rather than traffic violations), such as when a police officer suspects a person of drunk driving. A traffic stop can quickly go from being a relatively minor problem that is easily rectified to something much more serious. In fact, your entire future may be at stake if you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Lake Charles, especially if the situation is connected to a motor vehicle accident where another person was injured or killed.

Do you really need a health care directive?

Life is uncertain, and it is impossible to predict what will happen or what your needs will be in the future. It can be worrisome to think about who will care for you in the future and who will make decisions on your behalf, but you have the right and the ability to make these decisions for yourself.

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