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Hospital patient and wife facing criminal defense problems

An incident occurred in a Louisiana hospital that likely came as a surprise to the staff members involved. The situation led to a hospital patient and his wife needing criminal defense help. The events unfolded on a recent day when a nurse walked into the man's room to check on him.

Elder law issues often accompany these aging concerns

Many older people in Louisiana consider it a good day if they don't encounter any major challenges regarding their current states of mind or health conditions. Most agree it's not easy growing old, at least in a physical sense. Generally speaking, people live longer nowadays, but the fact is not negated that older bodies do not look or function like their younger counterparts. Some older people enjoy their golden years with little to no problems; others not only face physical challenges, but run into to elder law problems as well.

Confusing estate words: executor, administrator, representative

If you don't really have a lot of experience with the Louisiana estate planning process, and someone you care about designates you as a key role player in his or her estate, you might be honored and nervous at the same time. When it comes to executors, administrators, personal representatives and other common estate terms, if you aren't familiar with the process, you might feel overwhelmed and confused as to what your friend or loved one expects of you when naming you to carry out specific duties.

Has a drunk driving charge brought your summer fun to a halt?

Many people in Louisiana, no doubt including some in Lake Charles, are winding down their summers, getting ready once again for college or another year of work before the next vacation. It's not uncommon to try to squeeze in as much socializing as possible before the season of rest and relaxation ends and autumn arrives. It's also not uncommon for socializing to include alcohol, which, in certain situations, can bring seasonal fun to an abrupt end if someone gets pulled over for suspected drunk driving on his or her way home.

ACLU steps in regarding Louisiana criminal defense situation

A problem is brewing in Louisiana that involves people who have posted bail and are released from jail. It seems that a particular parish where the court is allowing those being released from jail to be charged extra supervision fees before they can go free. The fees are supposedly being paid to a private company that offers pretrial supervision services.

Major estate planning mistakes many Louisiana residents make

Some people don't like to talk about their own mortality, and they may avoid the topic as best they can. Others understand that estate planning is a valuable tool that can be be used to protect their assets, as well as make known their final wishes and instructions regarding their property, assets, medical care and financial issues. There are several common mistakes that many Louisiana residents (and others throughout the nation) make, however, that are to be avoided whenever possible.

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