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How do irrevocable trusts fit into estate planning?

Everybody in Lake Charles should have a will, which will ensure that their final wishes are respected and upheld. Wills are also important for distributing assets to heirs, but what if someone needs a different approach to meet his or her needs? Irrevocable trusts can round out the estate planning process, but not everyone understands how these handy tools work. Here are a few things to people should understand about irrevocable trusts.

Criminal defense: Woman charged in fatal wreck

A Louisiana woman is facing criminal charges related to a recent fatal accident in which one person was killed. Police recently stated that they are considering bringing additional charges against the driver, although it is not clear what those charges might be. However, a defendant does not have to wait to hear about pending charges before he or she can start working on a criminal defense plan.

Estate planning in the digital age

So much of people's lives now take place in the digital world. From saving and sharing family photos to hailing rides and ordering basic household supplies, it is hard to think of something that cannot be easily accomplished on the internet. While the internet might make life easier, not everyone in Lake Charles is handling estate planning accordingly.

Have you been accused of health care fraud?

You, like numerous others in the health care industry, likely entered the medical field because you had a desire to help others. Perhaps from a young age, you felt the need to tend to others and believed that becoming a doctor, nurse or other medical professional was your calling in life.

2 drivers charged with drunk driving after deadly wreck

A fatal accident led to the recent arrest of a both a Louisiana man and woman. According to police, two drivers may have been under the influence of alcohol when they were involved in the deadly wreck. One driver, a woman, is now facing multiple drunk driving charges, including a third-offense DWI and having an open alcoholic container. The other driver, a man, was charged with a DWI first offense. Since police are still investigating the accident, it is possible that more charges will be filed.

Did Aretha Franklin do some estate planning after all?

Wills are a central component to most estate plans, but it is also important to update these documents and craft new ones when necessary. However, it should be made obvious which will is the newest, most updated version. When Louisiana residents fail to complete this important estate planning task, they could be leaving behind a significant burden for their families.

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