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Helping aging parents in Lake Charles with estate planning

Most adult children in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana (and the nation, for that matter) want to help their parents as best they can as they navigate their golden years. Many sons and daughters understand the importance of careful estate planning in this regard, yet some hesitate to broach the topic with their parents. Reasons for hesitating vary, but often include the fact that many people simply have a difficult time talking about mortality.

Police say they think accident was caused by drunk driving

Lake Charles roadways are often scenes of motor vehicle collisions. A recent one occurred in the wee hours of a Saturday morning in another Louisiana region that authorities claim may have been a drunk driving incident. Sadly, the accident resulted in a fatality.

When family peacemaker dies, estate planning squabbles may occur

Many Lake Charles families (as well as others throughout Louisiana and the nation) include people who are known as the hearts of their families and peacemakers in times of trouble. When those particular people pass away, it is not uncommon for estate planning complications to arise within their families. When the one to whom everyone looked for guidance is gone, resolving disagreements may be all the more challenging.

The legal limit: how low will states go?

For more than a decade, a blood alcohol content of .08 has been the legal limit throughout the United States. While penalties for driving under the influence have always varied across the country, until recently you could at least travel out of state and know the legal limit was the same as at home.

Louisiana trooper arrests another cop for drunk driving

When not on duty and driving their own personal vehicles, Lake Charles law enforcement officers (and all others) are bound by the same traffic laws as other Louisiana motorists. They required to wear seat belts, stop at traffic lights and obey all laws regarding alcohol consumption and operation of motor vehicles just like everyone else. Also like everyone else, police officers can make mistakes, exhibit lapses of judgment and even get arrested for drunk driving.

Having trouble seeking employment after a conviction?

Were you arrested, charged with a crime, such as DUI or assault, convicted then served a sentence following a trial in a Louisiana court? If so, you're certainly not the first and will not be the last. No two situations are the exactly the same and there are even situations where police errors or other glitches in the system lead to convictions that should never have occurred.

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